Little Glam Kiss’ first outfit post, it’s pretty exciting because this actually is the very first photoshoot I had right after I decided I wanted to make a blog, sure I’m a big fan of current fashion bloggers and the idea always came to mind, but there was always something else to do… but not this day, this day I was off to lunch in a Sunday (sunny day) and I decided I looked chic enough to take some pictures, “for fun” is what I kept saying but deep down I knew, it had already begun.

This particular day I decided to wear high waisted pants, the print is beautiful and even though is so busy the pastel colors made it pretty easy to wear, plus the cut made my legs look longer which is always good. I paired these pants with a fitted white tank top which had a black trim on the top just to make it a little more glam and less casual.

Of course the MK bag is the star of this outfit, I just love when you can convert totes to satchels because the shape looks so pretty hanging next to your hips, plus the metallic patent leather cannot be overlooked, it’s what makes this otherwise classic bag much more interesting.

As you can see the whole theme of the outfit is tied together with the rose gold color, in the bag, watch, shoes… it doesn’t match! It goes. I think everything looks better with some rose gold on it.





DETALLE 1 copia



20140517_175311 copia






I was wearing:

TOP: Calvin Klein

PANTS: Gianni Bini

SHOES: BCBGeneration

BAG AND WATCH: Michael Kors



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