PORTADA1_2 copia

In Spanish “Quinta” means country house or villa, which is usually located far away from the city.

During the summer, here in Mexico we enjoy celebrating special events, like birthdays or family reunions, in quintas. I love them! because even though I very much enjoy living in the city sometimes you need break, and this place offers you an entire day or weekend mini getaway, it’s the perfect chance to disconnect from everything and just chill out with friends and family.

To go with the whole feeling of a quinta one must dress casual, airy and fresh, it’s normally pretty hot in Mexico (plus by the pool there’s no air conditioner), so I decided to wear this gorgeous pale blue skirt, yes it’s long but the fabric is very light and it has slits on both sides, pair it with some comfy sandals, a white loose crop top and you’re good to go.

Of course accessories go a long way toward completing and outfit, in this case to glam it up a little bit I wore my summer essentials, an ethnic inspired statement necklace, a Louis Vuitton bow and Michael Kors sunnies.

By the way, I went to two quintas that day, getting there was a little bit chaotic but once I arrived I had a wonderful (relaxing) time.

C1_2 copia


SEMI3_2 copia

POSE1_2 copia

DET3_2 copia

C3_2 copia


DET2_2 copia

PORTADA2_2 copia

SEMI1_2 copia


PARED2_2 copia

C5_2 copia

I was wearing:



SHOES & BAG: Steve Madden


BOW: Louis Vuitton

SUNGLASSES: Michael Kors


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