ACL 2014 – Day 3



Last day and last look for the ACL Fest 2014! As you may know this was my very first Music Festival and I had major expectations not only because this year’s lineup was really amazing but also because I wanted to experience the best of Austin’s Festival Fashion, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed, it was incredible: the music, the energy, the people and the fashion!.. bohemian flares, rock-grungy looks, hippie vibes, everything I hoped for and more. Continue reading


ACL 2014 – Day 2



Here we go, Day 2 of the ACL Fest! I have to be honest, that first day was pretty exhausting; I never realized how much energy people need to stay on their feet for 7 hours straight! But what was also pretty amazing is that even though it was physically challenging (the heat, the standing, the pushing, the shoving and the un-healthy yet delicious eating) I was pretty excited and hyped the whole time we were there, maybe it was because of all the energy around, there is something about music – Music Festivals to be accurate – that makes people happy 🙂 and you just don’t want to waste any time complaining or feeling tired… you just want to have fun!… Now the bus line at the end of the day, well that’s a whole other story. Continue reading

ACL 2014- Day 1



Music Festivals! Amazing wonderful catharsis experienced by thousands of people thanks to the universal and most fantastic language of all, MUSIC.

And what a better place to rock this experience than the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’, Austin Texas, in its biggest Festival of the year: the Austin City Limits. Continue reading



In the casual days when you wear the basic pieces of your wardrobe, that’s when your true personal style shines through. I would never dare to label someone’s style, let alone mine, I think it’s not something you can analyze too much, just appreciate.

Nevertheless, you can certainly understand it, know it and work with it, never against it… something I like to call style deconstruct. Continue reading



I think that the most important thing about fashion is to have fun with it; style is more about who you are and what you want to say to the world about yourself without even speaking, but fashion (referring only to clothes, not the whole concept of fashion) is about wearing funky, trendy pieces that fit your style parameters and most importantly they make you smile! Continue reading