Hi! and welcome to Little Glam Kiss, a fashion blog created and written by me, Eva, a twenty-something girl who wants to share with you her personal style, thoughts and inspirations while giving you a little dose of glamour in every single shot.

The blog was recently launched in August 31st, 2014, I promised myself I would release it before September, and so I did! (bravo pour moi). I’m a Mexican, currently located in the north of Mexico, I am proud of my origins but I consider myself a citizen of the world, this world is too amazing to keep your mind and pride in just one place.

The creative concept behind “Little Glam Kiss” revolves around the idea that no matter what trend or style you’re experimenting with, glamour has no season.  The chicest women are and always will be those who never lost the glamour in their lives, this doesn’t mean you have to go Audrey-Hepburn-style every single day, just throw little hints of glam in your everyday life to make an outfit, a travel or an experience even more amazing!

So welcome to my blog, thanks for visiting, and for you…  a little glam kiss (muak!)

4 thoughts on “ABOUT LGK & EVA

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