Little Glam Kiss for Tu-Nde – Look 6



Saben qué es lo que me encanta de las temporadas? Que justo cuando te entra la nostalgia que la temporada terminó -que ya no podrás usar ese abrigo increíble o esas botas únicas-, te das cuenta de que otra temporada igualmente maravillosa está por comenzar.

Les dejo el sexto y último look de Little Glam Kiss para Tu-Nde. Este suéter con trenza en tejido de punto es de lo más versátil de la colección, el color está divino, una especie de nude-tanned que combina con todo. Continue reading




The three best experiences for a fashionista are: amazing finds, great steals & fabulous gifts.

It’s important to remember that these three are not exclusive of each other, so when you receive a gift that’s an amazing find (something that’s hard to get or limited edition) which you also know was for a great price, that’s the moment our shopaholic-self lives for. What a joy!!! Continue reading




I love playing with my hair, I’ve had it long, I’ve had it short, I’ve had it super short!, I’ve been a brunette, kind of a red-head and kind of a blond, you are supposed to have fun with your hair… but if you are looking for a change that is not so “permanent” or that at least you don’t have to wait for months or years to change it back, you can try hair do’s!

So in this particular day my choice was Braids, a braided crown to be more specific. Continue reading

RUNWAY REPORT – NYFW (Sept 10th to 11th)


Hi guys! this is the third and last Runway Report on New York Fashion Week! I must say I’m really happy with this year’s proposals for SS15 and am also eager to wear all these fabulous trends next year. Here are some highlights: Continue reading



Florals, I don’t think they should be restricted only to the spring season, when they are adorable, but totally predictable. Given that there are different kinds of florals, I prefer to leave the most obvious ones (with big colorful and well defined flowers) for spring, and in summer I like to go for a smaller slightly more digital kind of print.

I know summer is ending, but before we say goodbye let’s do florals one more time! Continue reading



Little Glam Kiss’ first outfit post, it’s pretty exciting because this actually is the very first photoshoot I had right after I decided I wanted to make a blog, sure I’m a big fan of current fashion bloggers and the idea always came to mind, but there was always something else to do… but not this day, this day I was off to lunch in a Sunday (sunny day) and I decided I looked chic enough to take some pictures, “for fun” is what I kept saying but deep down I knew, it had already begun.

Continue reading