I love baggy jumpers; they are definitely my go-to garment when things get a little bit chilly, and when the jumper has a different, fashionable detail I am sold!

Also, I am obsessed with this outfit’s color palette. It’s all about the powdered look right now, Continue reading


Little Glam Kiss for Tu-Nde – Look 2



A continuación les presento el segundo look de Little Glam Kiss para Tu-Nde! Si tuvieron la oportunidad de leer el post anterior, sabrán que estoy muy contenta por la Colaboración con esta marca de ropa italiana de excelente calidad y diseño.

Tu-Nde es una marca de suéteres y piezas tejidas muy reconocida en Italia, y justo ahora llega a México para vestir a todas las mexicanas con diseños de moda inspirados en el street style italiano. Continue reading



Pleated skirts are so fun!!! Such a ladylike piece of clothing, of course you can find them at any length, from mini to maxi, but what it’s really IN this season (and it’s been going on for a while actually) is the Midi Skirt, which hits you anywhere from below the knee to above the ankle.

It is kind of a retro shape, especially with the full A-line, and most of the time very flattering since it cinches at the waist and then floats away. Just remember Continue reading