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If you follow the blog you know I have a fixation with interesting pieces of clothing and you might ask: which are the factors that deem a piece of clothing interesting? I could start listing things like: originality, wow factor, head turner and so on and so forth but at the end, all of these things are subjective… and you would get to the bottom of this article feeling like I tricked you into reading something you already knew.

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Little Glam Kiss for Tu-Nde – Look 3



Seguimos con la padrísima Colaboración de Little Glam Kiss para Tu-Nde! la marca de ropa italiana con diseños exclusivos y de excelente calidad europea. Éste es nuestro tercer look y definitivamente uno de mis favoritos de esta colección.

Para este look estoy usando el suéter Tu-Nde con aplicaciones NY, color blanco aperlado, hecho con tejido de punto en lana y alpaca. El suéter es un poco holgado pero la construcción del mismo es en verdad impecable. Continue reading

Little Glam Kiss for Tu-Nde – Look 2



A continuación les presento el segundo look de Little Glam Kiss para Tu-Nde! Si tuvieron la oportunidad de leer el post anterior, sabrán que estoy muy contenta por la Colaboración con esta marca de ropa italiana de excelente calidad y diseño.

Tu-Nde es una marca de suéteres y piezas tejidas muy reconocida en Italia, y justo ahora llega a México para vestir a todas las mexicanas con diseños de moda inspirados en el street style italiano. Continue reading



Sometimes the best combinations are the most unexpected.

It’s very important to know that not everything has to match and that mixing colors, textures, fabrics, styles and even high-end / low-end labels in one outfit can give you amazing results! Continue reading


PORTADA1_2 copia

In Spanish “Quinta” means country house or villa, which is usually located far away from the city.

During the summer, here in Mexico we enjoy celebrating special events, like birthdays or family reunions, in quintas. I love them! because even though I very much enjoy living in the city sometimes you need break, and this place offers you an entire day or weekend mini getaway, it’s the perfect chance to disconnect from everything and just chill out with friends and family.

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