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If you follow the blog you know I have a fixation with interesting pieces of clothing and you might ask: which are the factors that deem a piece of clothing interesting? I could start listing things like: originality, wow factor, head turner and so on and so forth but at the end, all of these things are subjective… and you would get to the bottom of this article feeling like I tricked you into reading something you already knew.

So instead of doing that I will Continue reading




I love baggy jumpers; they are definitely my go-to garment when things get a little bit chilly, and when the jumper has a different, fashionable detail I am sold!

Also, I am obsessed with this outfit’s color palette. It’s all about the powdered look right now, Continue reading

ACL 2014 – Day 3



Last day and last look for the ACL Fest 2014! As you may know this was my very first Music Festival and I had major expectations not only because this year’s lineup was really amazing but also because I wanted to experience the best of Austin’s Festival Fashion, and I have to say I wasn’t disappointed, it was incredible: the music, the energy, the people and the fashion!.. bohemian flares, rock-grungy looks, hippie vibes, everything I hoped for and more. Continue reading

ACL 2014- Day 1



Music Festivals! Amazing wonderful catharsis experienced by thousands of people thanks to the universal and most fantastic language of all, MUSIC.

And what a better place to rock this experience than the ‘Live Music Capital of the World’, Austin Texas, in its biggest Festival of the year: the Austin City Limits. Continue reading



I think that the most important thing about fashion is to have fun with it; style is more about who you are and what you want to say to the world about yourself without even speaking, but fashion (referring only to clothes, not the whole concept of fashion) is about wearing funky, trendy pieces that fit your style parameters and most importantly they make you smile! Continue reading



The three best experiences for a fashionista are: amazing finds, great steals & fabulous gifts.

It’s important to remember that these three are not exclusive of each other, so when you receive a gift that’s an amazing find (something that’s hard to get or limited edition) which you also know was for a great price, that’s the moment our shopaholic-self lives for. What a joy!!! Continue reading



Hi guys, we’re back to the outfit of the day posts!! 🙂

I wore this look to a friend’s Bridal Shower, it was a ladies brunch at an elegant hotel, gorgeous flowers and lots of women looking their best on that Saturday morning, so one should think I must have carefully planned an selected the pieces I was going to wear, the truth is I actually put it together in a minute! Continue reading